Wells Center

JRDC at the Wells Community Cultural Center

Look for Johnson Rags Dance Club at the beautiful TAF Wells Community Cultural Center.

If you are unfamiliar with the Wells Center, please take a few minutes at the first few dances to look around and get comfortable with this beautiful, historic building. The art galleries on the dance floor level will always be open to us to enjoy on dance nights. Check out the artwork or just sit and visit. TAF is happy to share their home with us!

Parking, Entry & Restrooms

Here is parking, building entry and restroom information to ease your transition to the Wells Center:

The street address of the Wells Center is 638 North Street, but if you use that address your GPS will take you to the front (south) of the building which is street parking and not the door we will be using.


Please use the parking lot at the corner of 6th and North Streets.

Wells Center Parking lot at the corner of 6th & North Streets. TAF owns this entire lot. You may park in any available spot in this lot, even those signed “First Christian Church” or “Wintek.” Street parking is the alternative if this lot is full.

Please do not use Wintek lot that faces the park on Brown Street. That lot belongs to Wintek, not TAF. Street parking is your alternative if the TAF lot is full.


Enter the building through the door that faces the parking lot. This door is at parking lot level. If you see the blue artwork behind the red dumpster, then you are at the correct door.

This door is always locked, but it will be attended for a few dances while we learn the building. If you find the door is unattended, please be patient. Use the button to the left of the door ring for assistance.
Right inside the door, you will find the elevator to take you straight to the dance floor level.

The alternative to the elevator is up these steps and through the door to the ground floor level, then forward to the staircase.

Staircase from ground floor to dance floor.

Dance Floor Level Restroom:

There is one All Gender Restroom on dance floor level. Restroom is to the left of the window, elevator is to the right of the window.

Ground Floor Level Restrooms:

There are two additional All Gender Restrooms on the ground floor level. Look for this side hallway beside the Dance Studio. One restroom is straight ahead, the other is to the left.

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