• Wells Community Cultural Center, 638 North Street, Lafayette IN
  • Monthly (2nd Saturday) dances are 7:30-10:00 pm October – June
  • Members and guests are welcome to carry-in snacks and soft-drinks including drink service
  • Bottled water is provided
  • Johnson Rags dances at the Wells Community Cultural Center are alcohol-free

Season 48: 2024-25

Tentative: All music is subject to change

20244October 12Dave Lowe
November 09Dave Lowe
December 14Dave Lowe
2025January 11Dave Lowe
February 08Dave Lowe
March 08Recorded Music
April 12Dave Lowe
May 10Dave Lowe
June 14Dave Lowe

Season 47: 2023-24

2023October 14 Dave Lowe
November 11 Dave Lowe
December 09Dave Lowe
2024January 13Groovin’ Easy
February 10 Dave Lowe
March 09 Groovin’ Easy
April 13Recorded Music
May 11Dave Lowe
June 08Groovin’ Easy

Season 46: 2022-23

2022October 08 Recorded Music
November 12 Dave Lowe
December 10Dave Lowe
2023January 14Groovin’ Easy
February 11 Recorded Music
March 11 Groovin’ Easy
April 08Groovin’ Easy
May 13Groovin’ Easy
June 10Groovin’ Easy

Season 45: 2021-22

2021October 09 Gentlemen of Note
November 13 Groovin’ Easy
December 11Robert Lewis Trio
2022January 08Recorded Music
February 12 Recorded Music
March 12 Groovin’ Easy
April 09Groovin’ Easy
May 14 Recorded Music
June 11Gentlemen of Note

Season 44: 2020-21 (Pandemic Season 2)

2020Sept 12 CANCELLEDRecorded Music
October 10 CANCELLEDJaden Street Jazz
November 14 CANCELEDGroovin’ Easy Dance Combo
December 12 CANCELLEDRecorded Music
December 31 CANCELLEDJaden Street Jazz, 9pm – Midnight
2021February 13 CANCELLEDRecorded Music
March 13 CANCELLEDGroovin’ Easy Dance Combo
April 10Ron Lewis Trio
May 8 CANCELLEDGentlemen of Note
June 12 CANCELLEDRecorded Music

Season 43: 2019-20 (Pandemic Season 1)

2019September 14Recorded Music
October 12Blue Notes
November 9Jaden Street Jazz
December 14Recorded Music
December 31Blue Notes, 9pm – Midnight
2020February 8Jaden Street Jazz
March 14 CANCELLEDGroovin’ Easy Dance Combo
April 11 CANCELLEDRecorded Music
May 9 CANCELLEDGentlemen of Note
June 13 CANCELLEDRecorded Music

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