Ballroom Dance March 14

    • Saturday March 14, 2020
    • 7:30-10:00 pm
    • YWCA Gymnasium, 605 N 6th St, Lafayette IN
    • Groovin’ Easy Dance Combo
    • Decorations & Water: Linda & Denny Miller and Jeannene Ackerman & Lyle Brostrom
    • Sponsors: See Harry to sponsor this dance! 
    • Members and guests may carry-in snacks and soft-drinks including drink service.  Bottled water is provided.  Johnson Rags dances at the YWCA are alcohol-free

Blue Notes New Year’s Eve Finale!

Click HERE  for all the photos and videos of our Blue Notes New Year’s Eve celebration.  (Don’t miss Rusty’s dance moves in the video above!)  It was a fantastic evening and a wonderful send-off for Jack and Rusty Welker as the retired The Blue Notes. 

Many thanks to Charlotte and Dave McGaw for sponsoring and for all their work planning and organizing Blue Notes NYE.  It was a great night for Johnson Rags Dance club!

These photos can also be found at facebook@johnsonrags.  If you have photos to share from any JRDC event, please email Harry at

Become a Season 43 Sponsor

We invite you to Sponsor a ballroom dance to recognize a special event, such as an anniversary, birthday, retirement or other milestone.  The amount recommended to sponsor a dance is $400.  Sponsorship cost can be shared by a group.  Unless you prefer to remain anonymous, we will publicize your sponsorship at a future dance.

March, May and June 2020 dances are still available to sponsor to sponsor this season.  It is now time to think ahead to 2020-21 and reserve the month you want.  See Charlotte McGaw or Harry Smith.

Sincere thanks all our sponsors for their dedication and support of Johnson Rags!

Halfway to 100 Likes!

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